Friday, December 30, 2011

Isn't She Lovely!!!

Here she is in all her glory. My shiny new blog. Isn't she lovely? (every time I say that I can't help but sing it like Stevie Wonder) I have Lori at to thank for it. If you think you want your blog updated check her out, but don't dilly dally, she has a waiting list. I have been waiting since October.

So whats new? The pages for one. I just have so much to say I needed more places to say it. Also in a couple weeks will be my 1st Blogiversary and I will be hosting my first give away in it's honor. First I need to learn how to create the form in Google docs. I could also use Rafflecopter but I want people to be able to enter form their mobile devises.

So if any of you have a link to how to create the Google docs form, or if you have a way to make Rafflecopter work from an ipad, please let me know. I can't wait to get started.

It's nice being back, I've missed you guys.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Please Stay Tuned for the Regular Broadcast

As you can see I have taken a little hiatus from the blogging world. I'm not going far but I need some time off. This is why. As you already know I am a writer. A writer on a (self imposed) deadline.

I have been working on Jaded for the last year pretty steady. But there has been times that I would skip several weeks at a time. Back in October I contacted an editor (she's great, check out her services) and she worked me into her January schedule. Well January is coming up fast and my novel is not quite ready.

Between a vigorous round of revisions, Christmas party's, and life in general I need every spare second I have to go toward Jaded. I also am heading up my work's food and clothing drive. I'm calling it the "Keep and Body Warm and Belly Full" campaign.

So please, please, PLEASE come back and see me in January. I have also found a great  blog designer (see link) so I will be coming back with an all new look. There will be contests with prizes, book reviews, cover reveals and much more.

Happy holidays,

Kriston Johnson
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