Saturday, May 31, 2014

New To My Shelf / Cover Love

My name is Kriston, and I am addicted to beautiful book covers.

Yes, I admit, I am a cover whore. And yes, I bought these two books based strictly on the fact that I love the covers.

"But Kriston, that's pretty shallow."

*ponders statement* Whatever.

I have always loved the Splintered cover, and then when I saw the Unhinged cover I knew I wanted these books on my shelf. I love the artwork, the colors, the facial expressions, all of it. Plus, I am a sucker for a good Alice In Wonderland retelling. I hope they're good.

Maybe I will showcase the books I am glad I did not judge by their cover.  I have a list of books that I love with covers that do not appeal to me at all. So see. I'm not all bad.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Book Subscription Services...Are They Worth It?

With the every changing book industry I am amazed at the new opportunities that keep presenting themselves. Today I am going to talk about book subscription sites. Well, one subscription site in-particular, Scribd.

Book subscription services may not be new to you, but they are to me. But I love the idea. For $8.99 a month you can read unlimited ebooks!

I was given a one year subscription, and so far I have read two books. What I like about Scribd is that I am given the opportunity to read books that I have been interested in, but was not really sure if I would like them enough to spend money on. With Scribd, you can test drive as many as you like for one flat fee.

With over 400,000 books available—both traditional and independantly published—I bet there are many books that you will find to your liking. If you are interested I suggest you take advantage of the free trial.

And as luck would have it, Awakened is available for download!

Visit Scribd

* Scribd offered every Smashwords author that was willing to add their book the the Scribd library a one year subscription for free. But now that I have used the service myself, I will definitely continue on with it even after my free subscription ends. I was not compensated for this recomenedation. Scribd is a service that I like and wanted to make people aware of.*

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Want To Format Your Ebook For Free!

I am one step closer to becoming a Freelance Book Designer! But I need to do one more thing, and that is format a book, other than my own practice books. This is where you come in.

I am looking for two authors who are ready to publish their ebook in the very near future. I have formatted several books and tested them in previewers, but I have yet to pass the final test…and that is uploading the ebook to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As of now I am offering to make a mobi (Amazon) and epub (Barnes & Noble) for you for free. In return I would like to be informed to make sure the upload is successful. If some reason the upload is not successful I will fix any necessary issues until everything is corrected.

I have run several tests on my practice books by uploading them into previewers and by sending the files to my Kindle, the Kindle app, and the Nook app on my computer, iPad, and iPhone. Everything seems to work perfect. Like I said, the only things I have not been able to do up upload the book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am not sure how many authors will respond to this, but I will offer the free ebook design to the first two people who respond or who is available the soonest. I would like to begin formatting this week. I would have the book back to you with one week of receiving it.

I am very confident in my work and I promise to format your book to the highest standard. I just do not feel right collecting money for a service that has not been 100% tested.

***For anyone beyond the initial two recipients I will offer a 25% discount on a future service. I am still finalizing prices at this time.***

Email me at KristonMJohnson(at) or click on email icon above.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New To My Shelf

The newest editions to my ever growing TBR shelf...The Taking by Kimberly Derting, and Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike.

The Body Finder series and the Wings series are some of my all time faves. So even though I do not automatically buy everything by these authors, I definitely take the time to look into whatever they release. As luck would have it, both of these books tickled my fancy so I thought I would give them a try.

I started reading Sleep No More first and so far I'm really into it. I'll keep you updated.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cover Reveal...Forever Kinda Love

Today I get to help reveal this beautiful cover for Clara Stone's Forever Kinda Love. Make sure to look below and enter to win some awesome swag!!

Title: Forever Kinda Love Author: Clara Stone Release date: August 15th, 2014 Genre: Contemporary Romance Age Group: Mature Young Adult Cover Design: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography

Ebook will be available at: Kindle | Nook | Kobo |Smashwords |Paperback

Life’s. Little. Surprises. The last thing seven-year-old Carrigan "Ace" Casper foresaw was an eight-year-old Heath Lovelly walking into her life the day her mother died. From that moment on, Heath sticks by her side, slowly becoming her strength, her confidant, and her entire world. What she doesn’t know is, she's his saving grace, too. Ten years later, Ace is handed another crippling challenge that threatens everything in her almost perfect life. Only, this time, she doesn't turn to Heath, hiding the truth instead. But Heath knows Ace too well and won't back down easily. He's ready to do whatever it takes and will stay by her side until she accepts that their love is the kinda love worth fighting for. Will he be her forever triumph or her unexpected downfall? Two lives. One story. And an unexpected journey to falling in love.

About the Author:
_MG_3750-1Priya Kanaparti lives in the beautiful city of Boise, ID. Unlike what most believe about Idaho, it’s more than a sack full of potatoes. When she’s not writing, you’ll catch Priya reading YA and NA books, mostly romance, and enjoying time with her family. She is a proud CW TV addict. She also write Mature YA and New Adult romance under the name Clara Stone. She is published through Reuts Publications.

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