Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Want To Format Your Ebook For Free!

I am one step closer to becoming a Freelance Book Designer! But I need to do one more thing, and that is format a book, other than my own practice books. This is where you come in.

I am looking for two authors who are ready to publish their ebook in the very near future. I have formatted several books and tested them in previewers, but I have yet to pass the final test…and that is uploading the ebook to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As of now I am offering to make a mobi (Amazon) and epub (Barnes & Noble) for you for free. In return I would like to be informed to make sure the upload is successful. If some reason the upload is not successful I will fix any necessary issues until everything is corrected.

I have run several tests on my practice books by uploading them into previewers and by sending the files to my Kindle, the Kindle app, and the Nook app on my computer, iPad, and iPhone. Everything seems to work perfect. Like I said, the only things I have not been able to do up upload the book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am not sure how many authors will respond to this, but I will offer the free ebook design to the first two people who respond or who is available the soonest. I would like to begin formatting this week. I would have the book back to you with one week of receiving it.

I am very confident in my work and I promise to format your book to the highest standard. I just do not feel right collecting money for a service that has not been 100% tested.

***For anyone beyond the initial two recipients I will offer a 25% discount on a future service. I am still finalizing prices at this time.***

Email me at KristonMJohnson(at) or click on email icon above.

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