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The Legends of Elyndia will be a five book series.

Awakened and Ensnared are books one and two, of a two part story about Jade and Gabriel. From this point on the rest of the stories will take place within the same world, but will be stand alone books, and about other characters we've met along the way.

Following the events of Ensnared, we learn what happens to Linnea after Jade leaves Iden. With her father now dead, the struggle for power brings out the worst in many. To insure she does not take her rightful place on the throne Linnea is falsely blamed for his death, and has been sentenced according to tradition. Bound and tied to the mast of a wooden warship set ablaze, Linnea escapes, and vows to save the innocent villagers the was forced to leave behind, and bring justice to her accusers.

During Draven's attack on the Faerie Realm, Thane helps Sadie escape and escorts her back to her hometown of Lacamas, Washington. But Sadie is not the same person she was before she was kidnapped and taken to Elyndia. She needs help grounding herself back to reality, while at the same time Thane needs help containing an evil that followed them back. The unlikely pair find themselves needing each other more than they ever imaged.

After living in Elyndia for eighteen years, Luke leaves the Citadel in efforts to make a life of his own. Fighting an undeserved and unfavorable reputation, he sets out to show everyone they are wrong about him. That task is easier said than done.

I also have a middle grade story that is currently in the drafting stage.

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