Friday, November 16, 2012

What Twilight Did For Me

I have to admit, Twilight changed my life.

Lets flashback to early 2008. Breaking Dawn had yet to be released and Twilight was nothing more than an irritating suggested read from Amazon.

I would read the summery and think they were right. I would like this, I do love vampires. Then I read the category... Young Adult. Okay, next. I am a grown adult, what was I going to do with a kids book? I know I devoured Harry Potter, but that was the exception. Ya right. Little did I know.

Then one magical day a friend was carrying on about how much she loved her latest read, and there it was, Twilight. I rolled my eyes. She mentioned the vampire sparkled like diamonds. Sparkled? No self respecting vampire is going to sparkle. Needless to say, I eventually gave it a try, and there was no going back.

Twilight opened up a whole new world. I always liked to read, but it was hard to find books I loved. For some reason YA filled that void. I know I am old enough to be most YA characters mother, but I relate to YA books. I rarely read anything else. I remember at the time the YA section in my beloved Borders consisted of one wall. By the time they bit the dust the Ya section expanded to at least 5 times the size. At first I hid the fact that I read YA. Not now. Along with my love for reading the exciting new (to me) genera, I realized I also like to write it. My life has never been the same.

Now we are at the end of an era. Breaking Dawn - Part Two is upon us. Will Twilights popularity pass along to the next generation? I doubt it. Only time will tell. I remember how sad I was when I completed the final book. I wondered how I would ever make it through the withdrawals. I scoured the shelves looking for anything to help me with the process. Then there it was. A shirtless boy with a golden sheen standing behind the New York City skyline. "The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Never heard of her. I guess I'll give it a try." Well, we all know that worked out. *winks and flashes evil smile*

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  1. Great post, Kriston. I can't wait to see the film in a few days! ^_^


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