Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Cassandra Clare Book Signing!

It is no secret that I absolutely love Cassandra's books. All hail Cassandra Clare! So when I heard she was coming to Portland Oregon, come hell or high water, I knew was going to be there.

It was a cozy little event. It was just me and about 400 (give or take) of my closest friends sitting (and standing) in front a small stage set up in the middle of a mall. From the time we arrived to get our wristbands we were there for seven full filled hours. It was worth every minute. Cassandra took questions from the enthusiastic audience and she was very gracious and entertaining in her answers.

As a favor to all of you who plan on attending a Cassandra Clare signing I will tell you this. By the time we got to the signing table I felt like I was in a whirlwind. We were ushered through the signing line very quickly. She had two assistants, one took the book from me, slid it in front of her, she signed it, then her other assistant took it from her and handed it to me. Then the next book was in front of her. In all I had about ten seconds to interact with her. So be prepared. Don't lolly gag or worry about pictures, unless your bionic, because you have to be fast.  Maybe in a different environment she would be able to give each person more time to chat, but that was not really possible at the time I went through.

In all, I still had blast. I got to spend the day with a special friend, made a new friend, and I got to listen to an author I have long admired.

I just read on Twitter that Cassandra has outlined another trilogy for the Shadowhunters. It will take place in 1903! She's calling in TLH. She also said there will be another trilogy that takes place after The Dark Artifices!


  1. Oh, wow this sounds like a pretty intense event, I've yet to go to a Clare signing, but I think it's cool she is doing another series.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kat. It was intense, but I'm glad I went!

  3. I'm so jealous! That is great you got to meet her and get your copy signed!


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