Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Long Lost Birthday Post

Have you ever put together a post, left it tucked away to finish later, then forgot about it? I have, and this is one of them. I usually do not post very much from my personal life and I thought it was about time I did.

My birthday was weeks ago, so don't feel like you need to send all sorts of birthday wishes. But if for some reason you are compelled to send me gifts please feel free. Instead of writing a boring recap of the past event, I decided to share the highlights with a series of photos.

This was the best birthday cake ever. It was a raspberry, white chocolate truffle cake. It weighed one hundred pounds.

These were my wonderful gifts from my loving family. They know me so well. 

I saw these guys.

And these guys were awesome.

I got the coolest shirt in the whole wide world. Husband loves it. He makes me wear it every time we go out. 

We came home to this.

Then Blue ignored us for hours for leaving him behind. I must point out he had awesome pet sitters. Alas, he did not care. And no he did not get in trouble for destroying two sets of mini blinds and a candle. In fact, I begged for his forgiveness all night.

And there you have folks. We spent the weekend at Newport Oregon. We ate yummy chowder, drank micro brews and gained ten pounds. I cannot wait to do it again.


  1. Your "Hairy Otter" shirt is awesome, Kriston!

  2. I've just clicked over from Victoria's blog. Nice to meet you, Kriston. Happy belated birthday!


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