Monday, March 17, 2014

I Miss The Days Before Blogging

Now before you go and get the tar and feathers, hear me out. I love the blogging community. It has enabled me to connect with like-minded people and has given me a place to talk about what I love most in the world…books. That being said, there are certain things I miss about shopping at the bookstore.

Before I was introduced to the world of blogging the only way I knew how to find a good book was browsing the stacks at my local Borders. Every Saturday morning I would go to Borders, grab a white chocolate mocha, and then get lost in the sea of books. I would wander around the store for at least an hour.

What I miss the most is finding the unexpected treasure. I never knew what was coming out until I saw it on the shelf. I never read a review or had any idea what the masses thought. I had to let good old fashion advertising drive me and entice me to give it a shot. I would read the blurbs, summaries, or ask an employee if they had a recommendation.

Now we all know what’s going to be published about year early. There are no more surprises. Plus I have to admit, I let reviews sway my decision if I’m going to buy a book or not. I think I let a lot of books I may have enjoyed slip by based on what others think. But on the other hand, those same reviews have saved me time and money. If the overall consensus is negative, I trust what the reviewers say and give it a pass. (Here’s looking at you Allegiant)

I know there are more pluses than minuses to this modern day way of book buying, but I still kind of wish it could be the old way too. But then again, if it was not for Amazon, I would not have been able to publish my own books. Go figure.

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