Friday, February 4, 2011

Book review, Switched

Switched by Amanda Hocking          spoiler free

Young adult, paranormal

From the first moment Wendy Everly's mother laid eyes on her, she was convince that Wendy was switched at birth with her baby boy, leaving her with what she calls a monster. On her sixth birthday Wendy's mother tried to kill her. That incident got her mother put away and Wendy was left in the care of her aunt and older brother.

Eleven years later, after being labeled a trouble maker and bouncing from school to school, Wendy befriends a boy named Finn and with his help, she finds out she is from a world humans don't know exist. It turns out her mothers suspicions of her being a monster, may be right.

I am not really sure where to start. The story itself was engaging enough to keep me reading and it has a paranormal element I have not seen much of. Kudos for being original.  Now…I hate to say anything negative, I would never want to hurt the authors feelings, but I just didn’t really like this book. Wendy was not a likable character, emotions were forced and not very believable. The settings were good but some descriptions were incomplete. This book read to me like it was the draft before the final draft. 

Now I went to Amazon to see what other people thought of this book and I am in the minority. Switched has tons of positive reviews. Amanda Hocking is self published and since April she has sold just under a half a million copies. That is a huge accomplishment and obviously people find her work appealing.

I think this author has tons of potential for the future and the mistakes in her book are nothing that a round with a professional editor couldn’t fix.  

In my opinion, if you want to read it, get an electronic copy. It is only .99 cents.

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  1. Kriston- Thanks for the honest review about 'Switched'! Your blog looks great!


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