Friday, February 25, 2011

The Menacing and the Magical

So last week a friend (and fellow member of the Magic Pen critique group) gave me a good idea.  That idea was to start a feed featuring different creature's I come across while doing my research. "That's a brilliant idea" I said. Thus....The Menacing and the Magical was born.

In my post "Tools of the Trade" I shared a tidbit about a Mongolian death worm.  Here is another one for you.

from The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures.

The Backahast: A Scandinavian water horse that lives in the rivers and fresh water lakes. It conceals itself by appearing  like a floating log or overturned boat. If you try to approach it, it will pull you under the water and eat you. Sounds like fun. I wonder if I should start a travel blog warning unsuspecting tourists while traveling abroad.

If you are ever in the need to expand your vocabulary with "whimsical" words, please visit a blog I enjoy and follow.  There you can also find reviews for children's books.

By the way, how do you like the fairy picture. I found it in a public domain and absolutly love it.

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