Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Best Friend and Nemesis

Oh how I love television. It has seen me through good times and bad. Is always there for me, never judging. She remains faithful evermore. That is why it causes me such great pain to let her go.

It all started Thursday, February 24th, an unexpected snow day. I get a call telling me to stay home from work. YIPEE!!! A whole day to do nothing but write. I was already up and showered by 7:00 and there was nothing to stand in my way. First things first, check email. "What's that you say Direct TV, I get free Starz channels all weekend." I better go check it out. Then to my surprise a Buffy marathon, then Lord of the Rings, Surrogates, Prince of Persia...... you get the picture.

Then due to extreme weather I lose my satellite feed, not to worry, Xbox to the rescue. After an hour of Dance Central, making a tutu for a baby, (she's going to be so cute) and mastering my purl stitch (I'm one step closer to those fingerless mitts I've been dying for) it was 7:00 PM and still not one word.  AHHHHHHHHH!

"That's okay, I will make it up tomorrow." Then tomorrow came and with it a whole new set of distractions.

Some where along the line I have fallen off track. I am definitely going to struggle meeting my self imposed dead line. I participated in NaNoWriMo last November and I have to say the most valuable thing I learned was how to manage time. If you are struggling finding the time to get your word count in for the day, sit back and make a list. What seems to come up that takes you away from your writing. What is your biggest distraction?  For me it's television. If I am going to write I cannot even turn it on. Once I do it's all over. Figure out what it is for you and find a way to work around it. You have to get those words out. I recently read on one of the 5000 blogs I follow that "The worst book written is better than the best book in your head." So lets quit thinking about writing and start writing.

And to my favorite vampire boyfriend Damon Salvatore, don't worry honey, I'll be back soon. The Vampire Diaries are only one click on the DVR away.

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  1. I'm struggling through distractions too....not tv since that went awhile ago (I'm down to the 4 channels my analog converter can find). I think I'll start keeping a list of what I'm doing besides writing so I can figure out the big offenders.


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