Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kriston, where have you been?

To my most faithful and loyal readers, I have not abandon you! I know there has been a few gaps lately between posts but I have to admit....spring break got the better of me. I did not go anywhere fun but I did get to spend the last week with family I do not get to see everyday. During my break, though absent from my writing, my brain still buzzed with fresh ideas.

First I will be starting a thread featuring guest authors. I have my first one lined up. It is a wonderful poem written by someone very dear to me. I know you will just love it.

I have another brilliant idea that I am still fine tuning and plan on sharing it with you next week. Please stay tuned because I will need your input for it to succeed.

For now I  leave you with a stunning addition to the Menacing and the Magical.


Also known as Mari Morgens or Sea Morgans. They are Breton water fairies or mermaids which lure sailors to join them in their underwater palaces.

One particular  Sea Morgan called Dahut was ever young and seductive. She was known for sitting in the moonlight and singing a song whose charm is irresistible. Any sailor who hears it is doomed, for if she touches him he will die, condemning the mans soul to wander eternally through the sea without comfort.

From The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures.

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