Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Finished Reading...Chase Tinker and the House of Magic

Chase Tinker and the House of Magic by Malia Ann Haberman

In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies, and secrets can be a lethal combination....
Chase Tinker has the power to move things with his mind. His brother, Andy, can stop time. The thing is, they have no idea where these crazy abilities could have possible come from, and, are totally clueless on how to control them. Chase wants desperately to talk to his dad about it, but Benjamin Tinker has disappeared without a word.
It's a huge shock to Chase and Andy when one day a grandfather they thought to be long dead arrives at their door. He invites them to come spend the summer with him and their cousin Janie on a remote island in an out-of-this-world house where fantastic magic can be found in practically every room, stairway, and corridor. Chase can't believe his dad has been lying and keeping so many important things from his sons.
Not long after the boys' arrival at Grandfather's house, their aunt, who has been on a mission to find their missing dad, turns up, hurt, sick - and alone. Now three of the biggest questions in their minds are: Where in the world is their dad? And how will they find him? Or, is he...dead?
It doesn't help matters when Chase's despicable cousin James arrives and turns everything upside down, even putting Chase's life in mortal danger. As he spends more time in the house, Chase begins to realize that, not only has their dad been keeping things from them, but Grandfather seems to be keeping several secrets of his own and Chase is bound and determined to find out just what those secrets are.

My thoughts~ Chase Tinker and the House of Magic is a middle grade novel that will appeal to both boys and girls alike.

Chase and his brother Andy are transported from the mundane life in New York and dropped at their secluded family home  in the Puget Sound. There they find themselves exploring an enchanted house and discovering its hidden secrets. Desperate to find his missing father, Chase embraces his new found magical abilities and launches his own investigation. Chase finds himself in not only dire situations but comical ones as well.

This story is not only about the enjoyable characters we follow, but very much about the mysterious house as well. It has a life all its own. Every room offers a different adventure and Malia Haberman's creative mind gives us a vivid and entertaining read as we watch Chase react to everything he has been thrown into.

I enjoyed reading Chase Tinker and the house of Magic and I think young people will enjoy it to.

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  1. Kriston - Thanks for the review of Malia Ann Haberman's novel! It sounds wonderful, and since I live two hours from Puget Sound I can't wait to read it.


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