Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not So Fast, Kriston...Book Two Update

I have yet to make a public announcement about the progress and release date of book two in The Legends of Elyndia series. But I have been asked by most everyone I know in person and have had many messages from eager readers that want to know when they can expect book two.  

For the last year I confidently answered that Transcended would be published in April of 2014, one year after Awakened. But today I regretfully inform you that Transcended will not be published in April as I had hoped.

As far as progress this is where I’m at. I did finish the manuscript. I finished it and sent to my most wonderful editor. Well this where things have now changed direction. First I have to say I feel extremely lucky to have connected with my editor, Kara. She really knows her stuff. She lets me know when something is great, and even more important she lets me know when things are not great. As hard as it was to hear, at first, she let me know that Transcended is just not ready yet. Since then I have really examined my writing and asked myself some hard questions. As much as I hate to say it, at this time I have not done justice to Jade and Gabriel or their story.

As a writer there is nothing better than getting a message from a new reader telling me how much they loved the story and how excited they are to read the next book. These messages are what pushed me to the finish line, but they are also the same messages that are making take my time and find a way to make the story the best it can be. You, the reader, deserve it, and so does Jade.

So as of now I do not have a definite publication date. I am spending every spare moment I have on Transcended tweaking the text and examining the plot. At this time I am hoping to only have to push things back by a few months. Please trust that the delay will be worth the wait.

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  1. It will definitely be worth the wait, Kriston. Thanks for the update!


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