Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Power Of The Retweet

Fancy, isn't it?

The Power of the Retweet

The retweet is a funny thing. You like what someone says, you think your internet peeps will like it too, and with a single click…voila, you have now shared the ever important message and moved onto the next. Most likely you will never think of that tweet again.

But sometimes, if seen by the right person at the right time, those simple little 140 characters can be life changing. Here is a rundown about one of those instances for me. Do not ask me how I remember all of this. I just have an uncanny ability to retain useless information.

It all started a couple of years ago when I read a particular retweet about a book review and followed the link. It took me to a really great book blog, Down The Rabbit Hole.  “What the…this is awesome.” At that time I was a newbie blogger and I never knew a person could get a custom blog header and the goodies that come along with it. After looking at all the beauty and creativity that went into that design, I noticed the button in the side bar for Pure Imagination Blog Design. “Jackpot!”

 I must stop and point out that Lori designed this very blog and I love it. If it were not for that retweet I would not have this design. (If I knew where to find a cool Gif, this is where I would insert somebody clapping and crying tears of joy.) Now this leads me to my next find.

One of the great things about Lori’s site is her portfolio. As I scoured the pages I came across Great Imaginations blog and a particular bit of information caught my eye, a page titled Editing Services. As an aspiring writer, in need of an editor, I clicked on the page. After a few interactions we decided that we could work together and it as been bliss ever since. (For my part anyway. It’s a heck of a lot of work on her part.) Now little does Kara know, she is pretty much the gateway to the rest of the people that helped bring Awakened to life.

From Kara, I found fellow author Tish Thawer. She is a fantastic author that writes about vampires and other paranormal things. I started following Tish on Facebook and have since become a fan of her Rose trilogy. Soon after following Tish she had a cover reveal for her most recent release and I loved it. Tish is always so generous with her information and when asked she let me know who her cover designer was, Regina at Mae I design.

I then contacted Regina and she designed my most fabulous cover for Awakened. If you need a designer, I suggest you contact her. She’s busy so don’t wait until the last minute. One thing that Regina does is helping promote the authors she has worked with. One day she mentioned that a client needed help with their cover reveal. It was for author, and now friend, Mari Arden.

After interacting with Mari I became a beta reader for her debut novel, Flame. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the installment. Now Mari was a little farther along in her writing journey than I was and I was in need of a formatter. She graciously let me know whom she used and gave me his contact information. That is when I found Jessie Gordon. Jessie is affordable, did a professional job, and I can recommend his services.

But it does not stop there…let’s go back to Kara.

After I got my final edit I needed a proofreader. Kara led me to Mickey Reed Editing. Mickey and I connected well and thanks to her I was able to publish a polished novel free of ugly errors and typos. As a reader and/or writer you know how important that is. I also recommend working with her.

Once I had a complete novel I needed to let people know about it. So once again, back to Kara. She suggested that I contact Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours and check out her promotional services.  Giselle is well organized and very efficient. I have worked with her as a both a client and a tour host.

So there we have it. That is how one simple tweet led me to where I am today. As you can see sometimes a tweet is just a tweet, and sometimes it can take you down a rabbit hole.

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  1. Wow, great story! I'm still learning to use Twitter. Love this example of how it can work for you.


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