Sunday, February 16, 2014

Who Says Vampires Are Dead?

This high quality image is a picture of an old
magazine I have kept because I am a
nerd and obsessed with Damon.

Trends come and trends go, so are we supposed to stop reading what we love?

I will admit, I LOOOOOVED Twilight when I first read the books and I still love them to this day. At the time there were vampires everywhere we looked. We had Vampire Academy, The Vampire Diaries, Marked, and many many more.

Since then, vampires have gone to the wayside. When submitting to an agent, if the word vampire pops up in a query it is the kiss of death. “You missed the trend, we can’t sell that.” Ya…whatever.

So does that mean, as a whole, we no longer care about the undead and paranormal? Well not according to television. Just this year we got two brand new vampire shows: Dracula, and The Vampires Diaries spinoff, The Originals.  (All of which I love. Helloooo Marcel.) HBO’s Trueblood and Syfy’s Being Human are as popular as ever, and the werewolf series Bitten is gaining traction with every episode.  

I would also like to point out, apart from Being Human, all of the above-mentioned television shows are based on books.

So answer me this…have we stopped reading vampire books because we are sick of them? Or is it because so few are getting published these days?  

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