Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review...Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny

Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny, by Malia Ann Haberman.

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Published May 28th, 2014 by Crossroads Press


In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination… 

For eight agonizing months Chase Tinker's guilt over the despicable act he committed on Halloween night has been eating away at his heart and mind. Chase's life gets even more complicated when secrets about the mysterious Relic in the attic are revealed on the eve of a visit from an unwelcome caller. It doesn't help that this all occurs on his fourteenth birthday! 

Despite his problems, his biggest concern is that his family's Dark Enemy, the Marlowe Family, is becoming more powerful with each passing day, fueled by the energy they continue to pillage from the many magical beings of the world. If Chase and his family are ever going to win, they will need a whole lot of magical help; they must destroy the most evil threat the world has ever known!

My thoughts~

Oh Chase…what have you gotten yourself into this time?

This installment in the Chase Tinker series brings us even more twists and turns than before. In the beginning Chase is plagued with the loss of someone very near to him and the hidden truth of the event has been eating him alive for months. It is not long until truths are revealed, and unfortunately for Chase things spiral out of his control from there.

This book has a great cast and they work well together. They are the perfect blend snark and fun but always willing to be there for one another. I like the character development we see while Chase deals with all of the obstacles thrown his way.

One thing I really like about this book is the magical world has expanded beyond Chase’s world, as he knew it. We get to travel to other realms and are introduced to the other magical beings. It is really neat to see other magical communities and how they relate to the magical world as a whole.

The House of Destiny is book three in a four book series. I could only imagine how hard it would be to write and plot an entire series. But I can tell you that Malia Ann Haberman has done a bang up job. This individual book moves along and a good pace, and the so far the series itself has been paced perfectly. With each book the stakes are raised and then ending keeps me wanting more.

I really look forward the reading the conclusion to this whimsical series. I recommend the read for boys and girls of all ages.

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