Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr. Johnson goes to Borders

My husband has always prided himself with the fact that he has not read a book since high school, "To Kill a Mockingbird". So when he told me he wanted to buy a book I was ecstatic.  After I picked myself up off the floor I ran for the car to go buy it before he changed his mind. 

Now Daryl has gone to the bookstore with me several times where he sits in the car and surfs the net on his iPhone till I drag myself back. So this time was different, he was actually going inside with me. We drove all the way down listening to the hypnotic sound of the wind shield wipers gliding back and forth, clearing our way through the doom and gloom of our typical Northwest weather. When we pulled into the parking lot the spaces were sparse, this was not going to be easy. My heart pounded as panic set in, I feared the frustration was getting to him and he would decide it was not worth it. Then we found it, one spot tucked away in the corner next to the thriving Red Robin across the parking lot. We were one step closer.

The doors parted, we walked in, my eyes darting back and forth in a frenzy scanning the shelves for the correct section. I could not believe my beloved was inside my most treasured store walking side by side with me. Then we found it.

Masking my anxiety I casually strolled down the aisle and there it was. Sitting on the shelf so bright and shiny. I could have sworn it was calling his name. "Daryl, I'm over here," it whispered. He honed in on it and grasp it in his hands.  The skies parted, the angels were singing and a tear built up in my eye. My baby got his book.

I was so proud I felt I needed to document the momentous occasion. So what is this book that seduced this proud man to venture into a world unknown......."American Conspiracies" by Jesse Ventura. *scratches head in wonder then shrugs shoulders* Who am I to judge, I read about fairies and vampires.

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  1. That is so funny!!!!!!!!!!! Has he read any of it yet??? I want a book report next...verbal of coarse! Proud of my brother too!!! Keep writing Kriston, your good!
    Love you!


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