Friday, June 3, 2011


Do you ever dream of walking among the fae? Have you ever wanted to live life among our winged & mischievous friends? Well I tell you now that you can. I embarked on a perilous journey that took me to the the four corners of the world (wide web) and I found a way to cross into a fantasy filled faerie realm.

Faerieworlds in Eugene Or. is a three day art and musical festival dedicated to the whimsical world of faerie's. Please take a moment to view the website and watch the video. If you are reading this at work, turn down the volume on your computer, otherwise enjoy the tune.

Not only will you be delighted with song and dance but check out the workshops you can attend.

2:30 pm Fortune in a Cup - fortune reading
4:15 pm Dance with the Wings of the Fey
5:30 pm Meet Your Faerie Guardian

12:30 pm Tarot and the Turning of the Wheel
2:00 pm Group Drumming Class
4:00 pm The Art of the Rapier Sword
5:30 pm Discover the Inner Fae -Goddess in Dance

12:30 pm Special Presentation
3:00 pm Pirate and Gypsy Fusion Dance
6:15 pm Folkloric Dances - of the Near and Middle East

You can believe this or not, but the weekend adventure serves a dual purpose. I have a pivotal scene in my novel taking place at a festival that kicks the events of act three into motion. (We have a confession of love, a kiss that never should of happened, mystical music from an elven realm and a show of fire) So this is actually research. *winks eye* This will be an ideal venue to observe group dynamics at a real life event that could apply to the setting in my book.

Plus to top it all off I can totally stalk Melissa Marr.

There will be several author's and artist's attending to meet and give autographs to fans. Costume's are expected so don't be shy. My biggest problem is deciding if I want to be a good faerie or a dark faerie. Oh the decisions.

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