Saturday, June 25, 2011

Live Your Legend

Mother Earth
dancing with veils
My sister after the Circle Dance
My faun friend's

Melissa Marr
It was a gathering of the mythical and magical to celebrate the sun, solstice and song. I introduce you to Faerieworlds.

I hit the road with my sister and nephew on an unforgettable road trip to Eugene Oregon. As we traveled mach-five down the freeway corridor we could only guess at what we were about to experience. I must tell you Faerieworlds completely exceeded our expectations, we weren't there for longer than an hour when we were already making plans for next year.

We started off the festival with a ceremonial tribute to the Fea. We listened to a chant, watched a fire and participated in a Circle Dance of celebration.

I stood hand in hand with my sister, Julie, on one side and a new acquaintance to the other. The music started, the inner circle of people, facing us, began first. They pranced round and round to the beat of the celtic music and we waiting in anticipation for our circle to begin. After a quick moment I looked to my right to see my circle start its rotation. We started with  tiny steps, mostly marching in place, as the music picked up tempo so did we. In the blink of an eye we were consumed in a whirlwind of winged creatures and dancers of young and old.  Our two circles become three or four, maybe more, as we dodged on coming faerie wings, horned creatures and hurdled tent stakes it was hard to tell. Running hand in hand, laughing and screaming with glee, I looked back to my sister to notice I was no longer holding her hand but someone else's. How'd that happen? When the song ended we jumped and cheered, I think I started hugging random strangers. 

We walked among vendor tent's, ate wonderful food, watched a play in the cool shade of the Neverworlds and had a drink on the bow of a pirate ship. But the music, oh the wonderful music called to our souls, luring us to a stage adorned with waving flags, set along a line of leafy trees.  I danced, took pictures and almost collapse from heat exhaustion, I can't wait to do it all again.

Now I save the best for last. I am a huge fan of Melissa Marr, the best selling author of the Wicked Lovely series. Knowing she was there, I kept and eye out for her throughout the day. When I was recovering from my heat exhaustion I tweeted about how I wish I could find her. A short time later I received a tweet from Melissa telling me her location. My sister  pointed out that we were at the exact location. I described Melissa to my sister and the search was on. After a few frantic minutes, I was afraid that I had missed my chance, but I did not.

 When I have met authors in the past it is usually at a signing where there is a line of people behind me waiting their turn to speak or get a book signed, but that was not the case here. Melissa was very sweet and took the time to chat with me for a minute. I could of taken my time to tell Melissa all the things I love about her novels, but in my excitement I could not even recall a single name of any of her characters.  I didn't  tell her half the things I wanted to.  As you can see from the above picture I at least had the sense to get the camera out. So if by the off chance Melissa ever reads this blog post I want to say thank you. Thank you for Aislinn & Seth, and Rebekkah & Byron and sharing their stories with all of us.  Authors are the Rock Stars of my world and your talent inspires me. 


  1. You described the magic of the realm very well! Thanks for posting that photo of the banner. I went in before it was up and didn't leave until it was down and never even knew it was there! LOL

  2. Wow Laume, I bet spending the whole weekend there was a blast. I hope to do that next year.

  3. Well written Kriston! Made me feel like I was there. Good job!


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